The transfer of share, and issue of shares may seem like a simple process, but to execute the process correctly, a number of steps must be completed. We can process this for you as we have the Company Secretarial, and Taxation expertise that is required to do this.

You may wish to issue shares or transfer shares for a number of different reasons; to re-structure the company, provide finance to the company by selling shares, or to reward a company employee for example. Whatever your reasons, a number of steps must be completed by us to perform this task.

  • If it is a Transfer of shares the appropriate form must be completed.
  • The Memorandum & Articles of Association (Constitution) must be checked & changed.
  • If it is a share allotment, the appropriate forms must be completed.
  • For transfers on sale of unquoted shares, form must be completed.
  • Share certificates must be issued.
  • Minutes must be kept for the process.
  • All documentation is then forwarded to you.

Share Transfers